Mechanical / Ultrasonic Homogenizer
Multi-Sample Dual Processing System


The DPS-20 Multi-Sample Dual Processing System is a revolutionary homogenizing product in the sample preparation field. It combines full automation of mechanical and ultrasonic/sonication homogenizing methods into a closed compact and timesaving unit. This system allows the use of each homogenizing method dependently or independently of each other within a programmable or manual mode.

By merging the advantages of both homogenizing methods, it leads to a faster and more efficient sample breakdown with minimal or no heat introduced while in a sound abating enclosure for noise reduction. Independent use of either homogenizing method has a large advantage over the standard mechanical or ultrasonic/sonication homogenizing equipment because of the automation. The automation design of this system allows for repeat processing and consistent results, which frees up a large amount of time and work in the laboratory.

The DPS-20 can be used with 1.5ml, 2ml, 15ml, 16ml, 19ml, and 50ml tubes through its unique carousel tube rack designs. The design includes a bottom tray for the optional use as an ice bath. Up to 20 samples can be processed in one-run or include one of two rinse cycles for cross contamination concerns. Furthermore, additional carousel racks can be purchased for quicker load time.



• Ultrasonic Homogenizer, 130W
• Accepts 3mm and 6mm Tips
• Mechanical Homogenizer, Brushless motor, 2,000-16,000 RPM
• Accepts 5mm, 7mm, 10mm and 20mm generators
• Interchangeable 20 Place Carousel Racks

• Hinged, Clear Polycarbonate Door
• Sound Abating Enclosure
• LED Interior Lighting
• Removable Drip Tray for Easy Cleaning
• Rugged Aluminum Housing

• Automated (programmable) or Manual Operation
• Up to 10 programs can be easily stored and recalled
• Ability to program
- Process times (up to 99 hrs, 99 min, and 99 sec.)
- Amplitudes (Ultrasonic)
- RPMs (Mechanical)
- Probe/Generator Depths
- Spin-off Heights
- Sample Quantities
- Rinse Cycles (0, 2 or 10 cycles)
• Automated Stand
• Automated Indexing Rack in both Programmable and Manual Mode
• Continuous Mode Available in Manual Mode

ATTENTION!: When Ordering, select both a System and a Carousel Package

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DPS-20 Multi-Sample Mechanical/Ultrasonic Homogenizer , Dual Processing System; 110V 50/60 Hz


DPS-20 Multi-Sample Mechanical/Ultrasonic Homogenizer , Dual Processing System; 220V 50/60 Hz


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