Liquid Scintillation and Gamma Counters

Triathler Liquid Scintillation Counter and LuminometerTriathler

Triathler is a compact and portable single-well instrument that provides instant results for liquid scintillation counting and luminescence measurements. An optional gamma counting NaI well is also available. In LSC mode, Triathler has preset modes for 3H, 14C, 32P, 33P, 35S, and reliable detection for most other radionuclides. In Luminescence mode, Triathler allows a full range of techniques common in microbiology, immunology, and genetic research. The on-board software has data export capabilities to a printer or PC (Excel) and allows advanced spectrum analysis and optional instrument control. A variety of sample holders provide compatibility with most types of sample tubes and vials.


Hidex 300SL Liquid Scintillation Counter300 SL
and Luminometer 

The Hidex 300SL Liquid Scintillation Counter is the most advanced transportable and user-friendly LSC available.

The revolutionary 300 SL liquid scintillation counter employs Triple to Double Coincidence Ratio (TDCR) counting. This absolute activity measuring technology relies on the use of three highly sensitive PMT's and enables easy determination of sample counting efficiency, providing instant DPM results without the need for any internal or external standards.

The 300 SL liquid scintillation counter uses sample trays holding either standard 20 mL LSC vials or mini-vials (7mL). The trays can be used in sample preparation instruments such as liquid handling stations or cell harvesters.

The 300 SL liquid scintillation counter is completely controlled from an external PC with an easy-to-use, yet sophisticated software program which offers an unlimited number of pre-stored isotopes and protocols and automatic data export to Excel or other programs. The software has options for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and extensive data reduction features such as quench curve analysis, IC/EC 50 value calculations etc.

Even though this compact system has a 360° 70 mm Lead encased counting chamber it weighs less than 130 kg, and has a footprint of only 52 cm width x 63 cm depth and 68 cm height, so it can easily be placed on benchtops and moved as necessary.

Triathler with NaI Well CounterTriathler NaI

The Triathler with an external NaI detector can be used in research PET scanning facilities to count blood samples as part of imaging protocols in order to derive quantitative parametric images.

The system is suited to counting samples emitting 511keV photons (thick scintillation crystal with adequate shielding from external 511keV photons) which can be linked up to a PC and printer for data transfer and hardcopy.

This turnkey NaI system comprises a multichannel analyser with an external NaI detector (model 431-040) and an optional lead shield (model 431-041).

Genesys Genii rangeGenesys Genii Gamma Counter

Compact and affordable - the Genesys Genii Gamma Counter range is offered on several platforms to give the greatest flexibility for small to medium sized laboratories.

Throughout the range the counters are supplied complete with data reduction capabilities for RIA, IRMA, Radio and Research assays and a 4096 Channel MCA for unmatched accuracy and spectral plotting.

Wiper Gamma Counter - Nuclear MedicineWiper range
Compact and affordable - the Wiper Gamma Counter range is specifically designed for Nuclear Medicine applications and is offered on several platforms to give the greatest flexibility for small to medium sized laboratories.

The Wiper range is supplied with many in-built features perfect for Nuclear Medicine groups.

  • Wipe Test Library - 16 wipe sets can be named and stored, each with 10 locations per wipe set. Nuclides can be selected from the Isotope Library and assigned to individual wipe sets. Trigger levels can also be set for certain areas. These features allow for an incredible amount of customisation and should make day to day wipe testing a quick, simple and effective process.
  • Isotope Library - 30 different nuclides can be programmed and customised as you like. Elongated NaI(tl) crystals and E-LeadTM ensure that even high energy isotopes up to 2MeV can be counted without crosstalk! (ideal for PET nuclides).
  • In-Vitro Tests - from Schillings to GFR, the software does the calculations automatically so you don't have to.
  • Patient Library - up to 32 patients can be stored and their related information can be linked to the selection of In-Vitro tests
Dream RALS Gamma CounterDream Gamma Counter
The Dream RALS Gamma Counter offers users an up to date platform with the greatest flexibility and ease of use.
Available in a 1, 5 or 10 detector with user-friendly touchscreen Windows 7 based operation, the Dream Gamma is perfect for the demands of modern research facilities and nuclear medicine departments.
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