Chameleon V is the most versatile multilabel microplate reader available.

The patented optical design which has three different detectors allows up to six measurement technologies including Liquid Scintillation Counting, Luminescence (Glow and Flash), Absorbance, Fluorescence Intensity, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, and Fluorescence Polarization all on the same instrument. No other instrument has the capability to perform both Liquid Scintillation Counting and Fluorescence measurements on the same compact reader.



  • Flexible plate formats, 6-well to 384-well
  • Fluorescence Intensity (FI)
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF)
  • Fluorescence Polarization (FP)
  • Liquid Scintillation Counting (LSC)
  • Filter Mode Luminescence (LUM) for BRET applications
  • Direct Luminescence (LUM) the most sensitive Luminescence available on Microplate format
  • Absorbance (ABS) Wavelength Range 230 - 900nm
  • Linear Shaker
  • Works with existing cell harvesters
Includes MikroWin 2000 Lite instrument control software and compatibility with robotics and automation. Temperature control, built-in injectors and advanced data reduction software are available as options.
True multi-technology platform with unmatched features and performance
• Up to 6 integrated technologies provides a flexible platform for the broadest spectrum of applications
• Measurement of both radioactive and non-radioactive labels
• Unique optical design with filtered and direct detection modes to ensure highest sensitivity in each technology,
LUM detection less than 1 amol ATP/well, TRF sensitivity to 5 amol/well, and LSC efficiency to 50% for H-3
• Up to 40 pre-programmable filters on easy-to-change filter slides (20 excitation for fluorescence and absorbance
and 20 for emission)
• Compact design saves valuable laboratory space
Common Features

• 6 - 384 well ANSI standard size plates

• Linear with adjustable time and amplitude

Scanning of Wells
• >100 scanning points/well, with steps > 0.4 mm
• Scanning on row, on column, circle, or raster with User definable measurement time/well
• 0.1 s to 100 h depending on measurement mode

Measurement Speed
• Minimum kinetic interval < 40 seconds for 96well plate on fast reading mode

Temperature Control
• Available as field-upgradable option
• Range: ambient + 3°C - 45°C
• Stability: ± 0,5°C

• Maximum number of two built-in injectors
• 250μL syringe as default
• Precision: < 0,05% CV at full stroke
• Accuracy: < 1% deviation at full stroke

• Multiple measurements of samples using different technologies and wavelength settings
Multi-label Kinetics
• Kinetic detection of up to 3 wavelengths/technologies
• Kinetic Fluorescence Polarization detection
Kinetic LSC and TRF detection
• Kinetic detection on LSC and TRF modes
• Sending of energy and time spectrums disabled
Non-equidistance Kinetic Measurements
• Kinetic detection of samples on non-equidistant intervals
• Detection and evaluation of replicate samples on different plates
Instrument Operation and Connections
• MikroWin 2000 Lite instrument control/data acquisition software included in every system
• MikroWin 2000 Full version (available as option) with flexible data reduction features
• Instrument keypad and Commfiler II PC interface software
• RS-232 serial interface to PC or Printer
Automation Compatibility
• Plate insert with motorized lid is accessible by most robotic arms
• Drivers available for communication with stackers and automated liquid handling stations
Excitation Light Path
• High intensity direct illumination optics
• Excitation range 200 - 1000nm (filter-based)
• Total No. of 20 excitation and/or absorbance filters can be preprogrammed on 5 coded filter slides
• Fast and easy change of filter slides through automatic openings on instrument cover
• 2.5mm, 3.5 mm and 7 mm apertures for optimizing the focus of excitation light beam for each plate format
Emission Light Path
• Direct illumination emission light path, automatically optimized for each detection mode
• Detection through filters (Filter Mode) or directly from above the sample (Direct Mode)
• Total No. of 20 filters can be preprogrammed on 5 coded filter slides
• Fast and easy change of filter slides through automatic openings on instrument cover
• 3.5 mm, 7.0 mm and 9.0 mm apertures for optimizing the light collection from each plate format

• Direct Photon Counting for LSC and LUM Spectral range from 300 nm to 630 nm
• Filtered Mode for FI, TRF, FP, and LUM
• Integral counting for FI and FP
• Photon counting for TRF/FRET decay curve Spectral range from 300 nm to 850 nm
• UV sensitive Si-photodiode for ABS mode Spectral range from 200 nm to 1000 nm

Light Source
• Xenon-flash lamp for FI, TRF, FP and ABS
• Excitation wavelength range 190nm - 1000nm
• Lifetime > 109 flashes, which equates to 107 samples (>100,000 96-well plates)
• Continuous Closed Loop intensity control
Physical Dimensions
• Width 37cm, Depth 50cm, Height 34cm
• Weight: 30 kg

Power Requirements
• Input voltage DC 12V with external power supply, AC 100 - 240 V.
• AC frequency 50/60Hz.
Specifications for Measurement Technologies
Liquid Scintillation Counting
• Multi Channel Analysis
• Detection of beta-emitters and gamma emitters on LSC mode up to 2000 keV
• Preset protocols: H-3, C-14, S-35, P-33, P-32, I-125, and Cerenkov (single photon counting)
• Other nuclides can be easily defined
• Instant DPM
• Quench curve analysis
• Fluorescence based quench correction on SPA
• Counting efficiency in 96-well black/white Isoplate, 10μL organic sample + 190μL MaxiLight cocktail: 50%/H-3 and > 90%/C-14
• Background <100 CPM
• Cross-talk < 0.05 %, (H-3, C-14 on Isoplate)
• Dynamic Range up to 3,000,000 CPM
Fluorescence Modes
• Emission wavelength range up to 850 nm
• Fluorescence Intensity (FI): 2 fmol fluorescein/well, in a black 96-well plate, 200μL sample vol.
• Time-resolved Fluorescence (TRF): <20 amol Eu/well, in white 96-well plate, 200μL sample vol.
• Fluorescence Polarization (FP): 5mP stdev at 1nM fluorescein
• Dynamic range: 5 decades
Luminescence Counting
• Glow and Flash Luminescence
• Direct and Filtered Detection modes
• Sensitivity:
  <1amol ATP/well in white 96-well plate
  <50amol ATP/well for non-direct mode
• Max counts: 20,000,000 CPS
• Background: <100 CPS
• Dynamic Range up to 6 decades
• Cross-talk:
   <0.2% on white 96-well plate on Direct Counting mode, sample vol. 200μL
   <0.05 % on white/black 96-well plate on Filtered counting mode, sample vol. 200μL
• Linearity 2%
• Dynamic Range > 3.0 OD on 96 well plate
• Linear Range > 2.5 OD on 96 well plate
• Wavelength Range 200-1000nm (filter-based)
Models Available
• 425-106 LSC-(D)LUM-FI-TRF-FP-ABS
• 425-156 FI-TRF-FP-(D)LUM-ABS
• 425-188 LSC-(D)LUM-ABS
• 425-157 FI-TRF-FP-(F)LUM-ABS
• 425-158 LSC-(D)LUM
• 425-150 LUM (D)