Disposable Homogenizer Alternative

MULTI-GEN® generator probes are the better alternative to disposable plastic generator probes. This unique equipment is a reusable 7mm diameter generator probe manufactured from superior 316 stainless steel and PTFE, which allows for homogenizing samples without cross contamination and without the need to stop and clean a generator between samples. A MULTI-GEN generator probe can quickly lock into the special MULTI-GEN® adapter to provide hands-free ejection of the probe, minimizing the chance of accidental contamination. MULTI-GEN generator probes are offered in multi-packs of 12 or 24 for convenience.


Advantages over plastic disposable generator probes:

First advantage, MULTI-GEN generator probes can process more difficult samples, including tough samples.

Second advantage, MULTI-GEN generator probes can be sterilized by any method, including flaming and autoclaving.

Third advantage, MULTI-GEN generator probes are more economical because of their ability to be reused an unlimited number of times not like the plastic disposable generator probes.

    MULTI-GEN 7 Features:
  • Flat bottom design - ideal for liquid and soft samples
  • Shaft Length, 7MM x 65MM - best for microtubes to 5ML tubes
MULTI-GEN 7 XL Features:
  • Open slotted tooth design - ideal for the softest to toughest of samples
  • Longer shaft, 7MM x 115MM - perfect for sample volumes from microtubes to 50ML tubes

  • Item No.


    MULTI-GEN Motor Unit Adapter


    MULTI-GEN 7 Homogenizer Generators (12/package)


    MULTI-GEN 7 Homogenizer Generators (24/package)


    MULTI-GEN 7 XL Homogenizer Generators (12/package)


    MULTI-GEN Ejector Clamp Assembly
    For use with 80-00200 PRO200 Homogenizer Stand Assembly only. Includes: Post clamp assembly, cross rod assembly, ejector collar


    PTFE Bearings - Replacement PTFE bearings.

    * Most recommended motor unit for use with MULTI-GEN 7

    PRO 200 Homogenizer 120v


    PRO 200 Homogenizer 220v


    PRO 200 Stand Assembly

    MULTI-GEN 7 Generator

    7MM x 65 MM

    MULTI-GEN 7 XL Generator
    7MM x 115 MM

    • 316 stainless steel and PTFE construction allow for homogenization of tough tissue samples and for repeated autoclaving
    • Eliminates the need for generator cleaning between samples
    • Hands-free ejection of the used generator
    • Ideal for molecular applications, PCR, and microtube assays
    • Can be used with any PRO homogenizer motor unit