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Automatic western blot processor




It’s about time...

Automatic Western Blot Processing System

BlotCycler™ automates the time consuming, yet critically important tasks for achieving high quality western blot assays. Simple and practical in design, the system uses patented fluidic technology to automate the blocking, primary, and secondary antibody incubation and washing steps with precise control.  You obtain consistent and accurate results over and over again. The automated process efficiently manages the procedure without variation.  Your laboratory improves productivity while achieving standardized, reproducible results.



•  Automatically processes blots

•  Conveniently fits into existing workflow using standard protocols and reagents

•  Saves Primary Antibody for reuse

•  Unique washing method completely removes traces of reagents after each test

•  Easily program up to 100 protocol steps, with up to 20 protocols in memory

•  3 step operation

•  BlotCycler™ is gravity fed – no pumps or complex fluid handling needed

•  Only uses 12” x 12” of bench space

•  Built in the USA and patented




                                                                                                                 See a BlotCycler video