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BioDrop µLITE

Micro-volume spectrophotometer

The BioDrop provides the simplest way for you to accurately quantify microliter volumes of nucleic acid and protein.

o Easy to use – just pipette & wipe
o Sample size down to 0.5 µL (dsDNA)
o 1 ng/µL detection limit (dsDNA)
o Fixed Path length - improves accuracy
o Wide spectral range 190 – 1100 nm
o Pre-programmed methods for DNA, RNA and protein

Check Out our Big “No’s”

o No Moving Parts
o No Cuvettes
o No Pedestal Reconditioning
o No Bothersome Calibrations - EVER
o No Computer Nededed
BioDrop µLITE stand alone version
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List Price: $8,500.00

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