Effective PCR amplification in less than 10 minutes? Achieve this goal by making use of the remarkably high heating and cooling rates (up to 15 °C/s or 10 °C/s, respectively) of the SpeedCycler2. The currently fastest peltier-based thermocycler in the world impresses with operator convinience and flexibility. Choose from 1 of 5 sterling-silvery thermoblocks coated with a gold alloy the appropriate one for your application. You don't want to determine upon a special block? The easily manageable block-exchange-system provides the solution.

Product Info

Ultra high-performance thermal cycler
With the SpeedCycler², Analytik Jena has launched the second generation of the original SpeedCycler technology with an instrument even faster than its predecessor and delivering extraordinary high heating and cooling rates of up to 15 °C/sec and 10 °C/sec, respectively. That makes the SpeedCycler² the fastest available thermal cycler in the world.

A smaller footprint, the modular design, the external control panel and, last but not least, ultra high-performance distinguishes the SpeedCycler ² from other available instruments. The system is ideal either as space-saving single thermal cycler or as a modular system expandable to full cycler networks

It grows with the requirements of its user. Starting with just a basic unit, which can be controlled either via PC or using the new external HID-Pro 320 user-interface, the cycler can be expanded by adding more basic units to build complete cycler networks.

Various interchangeable blocks are available for the SpeedCycler². The SpeedCycler² can accommodate three different types of blocks: Standard-Profile-Rapid (SPR) blocks, Low-Profile-Rapid (LPR) blocks, as well as Standard-Profile (SP) blocks. This means that standard PCR consumables can be used as well as low-profile PCR consumables.

 The LPR format, in particular, has been optimized for low sample consumption and maximizes performance. Sample loss and condensation are effectively prevented by the enormously high lid contact pressure, even for volumes as small as 2 µL.

 Low-Profile-Rapid (LPR) blocks use specially patented, ultra thin-walled microplates or strips based on the SBS standard format, which contributes greater thermal efficiency than ever before.

 SAC (Self-Adapting Container) technology allows the thermoelastic walls of the sample containers to adapt to the shape of the sample block like a second skin, thus, ensuring rapid heat transfer into the samples and achieving unsurpassed thermal efficiency of over 90 percent. rapid PCR is the only technology suitable for applications using what are known as “touch and go” protocols. A whole experiment can be carried out in less than 8 minutes.

The SpeedCycler² has been optimized for very small sample consumption and for the use of inexpensive standard PCR reagents. Costly and often limiting chemical additives can be consciously avoided and are not necessary for rapid PCR amplification. Furthermore, the higher cooling rate significantly improves specificity of the PCR products compared to those from standard thermal cyclers.

The HID-Pro 320 external user interface
The new portable HID-Pro 320 user interface eliminates the need for a PC and makes the system exceptionally easy to operate. Its extra large 5.7” color touchscreen eliminates the need for a keyboard or mouse.


The software is based on Windows CE, offers typical Windows functions and operating environment, as well as an intuitive menu bar. Programs can be stored individually and organized in userdefined directories. An USB and LAN port allows users to exchange programs to other cyclers, export data from executed PCR runs, and connect the cycler directly to other basic units.


Users can easily change the operating language by clicking a button. The HID-Pro 320 is also compatible with other instruments from Analytik Jena, such as the ScanDrop® microliter spectrophotometer. The built-in power failure function restarts the cycler automatically. The software restarts with the denaturing step of the last active cycle to eliminate any possible unspecific annealing

  • Software based on Windows CE
  • USB and LAN port for uncomplicated data exchange
  • Power failure function
  • Multilingual software (English, German, Greek, Russian and Spanish; others to come)
  • Reduced primer mismatching

Four thermal blocks
Four different rapidPCR blocks are offerd for SpeedCycler². Users can replace all thermal blocks quickly with no tools required. To protect the valuable silver block from corrosion, they are plated with a resistant gold alloy. Another member of the interchangeable block system is the new 96 well aluminium SP block, which turns the SpeedCycler² in a standard thermal cycler with ramping rates up to 5.5 °C/sec in a matter of seconds.

  • rapidPCR in less than 8 minutes
  • Heating and cooling rates of up to 15 °C/sec and 10 °C/sec, respectively
  • SAC (Self-Adapting-Container) technology delivers outstanding heat transfer
  • Low-Profile-Rapid (LPR) blocks for 20 µL
  • Standard-Profile-Rapid (SPR) blocks for 0.2 mL standard consumables
  • Optimized for low reagent consumption and reduced running costs
  • Small footprint satellite system, expendable to full cycler networks
  • Five different blocks available
  • Thermal blocks made of massive sterling silver with a gold layer
  • Portable user-interface HID-Pro 320
  • Reduced primer mismatching
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Licensed and Authorized

Technical Data

Basic unit

Thermal block

Solid sterling silver, gold-plated

Sample capacity

96 SPR block; 96 × 0.2 ml
48 SPR block; 48 × 0.2 ml
36 LPR block; 36 × 20 µl
96 LPR block; 96 × 20 µl
96 SP block; 96 x 0.2 ml

Low-Profile-Rapid blocks (LPR)

Heating rate

15 °C/sec max.

Cooling rate

10 °C/sec max.

Standard-Profile-Rapid blocks (SPR)

Heating rate

12 °C/sec max. (48 SPR) and
8 °C/sec max. (96 SPR)

Cooling rate

8 °C/sec max. (48 SPR) and
6 °C/sec max. (96 SPR)

Standard-Profile blocks (SP)

Heating rate

5.5 °C/sec

Cooling rate

4 °C/sec

Temperature control mode

Block Control, (Simulated) Tube Control

Sample block temperature range

4 °C – 105 °C

Control accuracy

< ± 0.2 °C at 72 °C

Block homogeneity

< ± 0.3 °C at 72 °C


Can be heated up to 120 °C, Adjustable contact pressure

User interface

PC via included software, Alternative via HID-Pro 320

Number of programs

Nearly unlimited; 500 on HID-Pro 320

Order Info

Order number



SpeedCycler², BU instrument system, no PC, incl. rPCRsoft, thermal block has to be ordered separately


HID-Pro 320, Portable and versatile user interface with 5.7” touch screen, LAN, USB


96 SPR block, 96 × 0.2 ml


48 SPR block, 48 × 0.2 ml


36 LPR block, 36 × 20 µl


96 LPR block, 96 × 20 µl


96 SP block, 96 x 0.2 ml